Survival Manual

Survival Skill That Reside In Your Brain

Making Fire

Tanning Fur

How To Tie Various Knots

Cold Weather Survival

Dangerous Animals

Mental Aspects


River Crossing

Weather Forecasting

Hot Rock For Sleeping

Knowledge is PowerWelcome to the skills section of the website! The day is fast approaching when the modern life we all love will become a thing of the past. Natural or man-made... it doesn't matter. When this time comes will you have the knowledge to survive in your new reality?

Knowledge is the key. It does little good to have all the tools in the world if you don't have the knowledge to use them. Here I hope to store some of that knowledge that you and I both know exist but maybe don't have a need for it in our modern lives. However, having access to that knowledge will be critical at some point. Prepare now by printing the pages out and storing them in a safe place.

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