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Clothing For After The SHTF

Homemade Moccasins

60,000 Mile Shoes

Making Clothing Materials

Weaving Cloth

This is probably the most overlooked aspects of living after the SHTF. People concentrate on food, water, shelter even electricity but forget about clothing. Living off the land is rough and it is quintuply rough on your clothing. Shoes that might last you for over a year currently could very well be hanging by a thread after living of the land for only a month.

The good news is you can easily make your own clothing and it will likely be much more durable than the clothing are wearing now. Leather for instance is a commonly used material in primitive clothing. Leather is as durable as most any clothing material you now own if not much more durable.

Now you might expect this section to be just about how to make purely primitive clothing, but that will not be the case. Although many modern materials and tools will be absent other materials such as plastic will be included here. This entire website avoids the use of any hard to replicate modern devices and materials but exceptions are made when the modern material is something that will likely be around for 500 years are more after modern production has ceased. Many plastics will last for a long time and scavenging them will be relatively easy.

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