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Electricity After The SHTF

Ah electricity! We take it for granted until it is taken away temporarily by a storm or other such outage. We depend on it for so many things in everyday life that we have become dependent on it for everything. Well after the SHTF you will be left with generators for a few days but those will quickly be rendered useless as all the fuel is used up and that will happen within a week or two.

We use electricity for many comforts that are just luxuries but it is also key to other things that could be deemed as a necessities in the modern age. Food preservation is probably the most important but powering so many useful tools that will help you rebuild you own world while maybe not essential might just allow you to work more efficiently. Which is actually going to be very important when you are producing everything you need.

Well the good new is that once the electricity goes out... meaning the grid goes down, you don't have to be totally without electricity. There are ways for you to generate your own. Below is a list of articles that will address different components that can provide you with power for years or forever. More articles are coming. Submitting your own would be great!

Homemade Batteries
Vinegar Battery
Peltier Elements
Thermoelectric Fan
Simple Zinc Battery

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