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Welcome aboard! This section of the website is all about KNOTS! I have all of the knots broken down into basic categories so you can easily find the right knot for the job. The list is not all inclusive and I assume you know how to tie your shoes. That knot does not appear here.

Above you can see the categories I have set up. Follow the link to each section to be present with a lits of knots that you can see and read about to determine if it suits your need.

A quick note about the categories of knots and what each means. First we have End Loop Knots. And end loop knot is a knot that if used to attach the end of a line to something by forming a loop. The loop may be tied attached or the loop can be formed and then attached. Either way the knot forms a loop always at the end of the line.

Mid Loop Knots is a section on how to make loop in the middle of a rope or line when the ends are not available for tying. For instance maybe each end is already tied to a pole.

Hitches is another category. A hitch is any of various knots used to secure a line to another object such as a post or ring. Usually a hitch is less elaborate than an end loop knot but not always and often a hitch is designed to be easy and quickly untied. Hitches usually don't form good stand alone loops.

Bends are another category of knots that are used to connect to line / ropes together. Pretty straight forward.

And as always, feel welcome to offer content or suggestions.

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