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Many materials may be used to make equipment for the cooking, eating, and storing of food.

Use wood, bone, horn, bark, or other similar material to make bowls. To make wooden bowls, use a hollowed out piece of wood that will hold your food and enough water to cook it in. Hang the wooden container over the fire and add hot rocks to the water and food. Remove the rocks as they cool and add more hot rocks until your food is cooked.

Do not use rocks with air pockets, such as limestone and sandstone. They may explode while heating in the fire. You can also use this method with containers made of bark or leaves. However, these containers will burn above the waterline unless you keep them moist or keep the fire low. A section of bamboo works very well, if you cut out a section between two sealed joints.

A sealed section of bamboo will explode if heated because of trapped air and water in each section.

Forks, Knives, and Spoons
Carve forks, knives, and spoons from non-resinous woods so that you do not get a wood resin aftertaste or do not taint the food. Non-resinous woods include oak, birch, and other hardwood trees. Note: Do not use those trees that secrete a syrup or resin like liquid on the bark or when they are cut.

You can make pots from turtle shells or wood. As described with bowls, using hot rocks in a hollowed out piece of wood is very effective. Bamboo is the best wood for making cooking containers. To use turtle shells, first thoroughly boil the upper portion of the shell, then use it to heat food and water over a flame.

Water Bottles
Make water bottles from the stomachs of larger animals. Thoroughly flush the stomach out with water, then tie off the bottom. Leave the top open, with some means of fastening it closed.
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