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Medicinal Uses Of Hackberry

hackberry bark Parts of the hackberry trees have been used in the production of drugs so that should lead some credence that the Native Americans were correct in using the Hackberry tree for medical purposes.

The Houma indians used hackberry bark to make a decoction for sore throats and a decoction mixed with powdered shells to treat venereal disease. I have not been successful in figuring out exactly what shells they are referring too. The Iroquois Indians used Hackberry decoctions to regulate a womans menstrual cycle and cure venereal diseases. It should be noted that since the bark decoction promotes a womans menstrual cycle it is should never be used by women that are pregnant because it could lead to an abortion.

Scientists in Egypt found that hackberry leaves contain significant antioxidants. The compound are touted as a helpful medicine aging and cancer prevention.

If you need to know how to identify this tree, then here is my page on Hackberry Tree as a food source that has helpful information on identification.

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