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Chaga Mushroom And Cancer Cures

Chaga mushrooms (Inonotus obliquus) grow mainly on birch and some other hardwood trees. The birch grown mushrooms are considered to be the best for cancer treatment because of the high concentration of betulinic acid. Chaga is a strange mushroom that does not resemble most mushrooms at all. I actually looks more like a black infected wood to me than a mushroom. People from many far flung cultures identifed the healing capabilities of Chaga, is it likley they are came to the same incorrect conclusion? Not likely.

Chaga has been clinically shown to be effective against various cancers such as liver, uterus, breast, colon, skin, cervix and lung cancers. Immune systems are enhanced by the beta glucans present in the mushroom which activate T-cell activity and the production of antibodies.

Chaga can be made into a tea by grating into a fine powder then to make a tea, simply dissolve one teaspoon of the grated mushroom in one cup of water. The problem is that the usufulness of this is far below the full potential of the chaga mushroom. The chemicals you need from the mushroom are hard to extract. Modern techniques can do a much better job of extraction than simply making a tea with hot water. But still a weaker solution is better than no solution at all.

Chaga Mushroom

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