Survival Manual

   Let's Eat

Food Procurement

Edible Plants

Animal Traps

Sustainable Garden

Storing Food

Drinking Alcohol

Cooking Oil

Homemade Pectin

Citrus Pectin

Salt Sources

Make Flour/Breads



Bee's For Honey

Make Sugar

Make Syrup


food basketHere is everything on associated with food and food procurement!

Everybody needs food. When cabinets are bare, you will need to locate another source of food. You will need to know how to grow your own food or fish for it or hunt/trap for it. Do you have that knowledge!

You might be a expert hunter and fisherman but it is safe to say that wild game will quickly grow very scarce as everybody and their brother will be struggling to survive. So plans to just target deer and squirrels isn't going to cut it in the short term (5-10 years). Huge lakes, oceans and rivers will be your best fishing options.

But it is safe to say that man does not live by FISH alone. Diversifying your options is key to survival. Animals go extinct when they are to much of a niche species; whereas animals that are more flexible are much more tolerant of changes and environmental pressures. You will need to be flexible or risk extinction. This menu has some great information!

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