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Wild Onions

wild onion seed head

wild onion

Allium sp.

Wild Onions (Allium sp.) aka Wild Garlic and Meadow Garlic are an awesome wild grown food. They are basically mini versions of the onions we commonly eat from grocery stores. These plants also smell like onions or garlic, depending on the which species,which is a trait you can use to identify the plant.

If a plant looks like a garlic and smells like a garlic you can eat it. If you do not smell a garlic or an onion odor but you have the a similar look then it is probably poisonous. Crows Poison aka False Garlic plants look much like wild onion but do not have the onion smell. If it just smells like grass it is toxic Crow's Poison (Nothoscordum bivalve). Crow's Poison also has larger flowers than wild onion.

Wild onions can by identified by their grass leaves, small 6 petaled flowers, odor of onion or garlic, stems round, older stems hollow. The underground bulbs will look like small onions.

All parts of wild onion are edible or cooked! Use in salads, as a seasoning, as a green or in soups or even pickled.

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