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Wild Violets A Wild Edible Food

wild violets

wild violets

Wild Violets encompass a number of different species that we will lump all here for our purposes. This group does NOT contain African Violets because they belong to an entirely different Genus.

Violets can be identified by their blue or violet flowers, however these flowers can sometimes be yellow, white. Each plants solitary flower does have five petals. The flowers are displayed from March til July, occasionally later. The plants are small and low to the ground and actually have quite a wide variation in their leaf shapes, but they commonly have heart-shaped leaves.

The edible parts for food are leaves which can be eaten as you pick them, in a salad or cooked if you like. The blossoms can be eaten raw or as an ingredient of jelly or syrup. Violet leaves having a high-level of vitamins A and C.

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