Survival Manual

Peppervine Wild Edible Food

peppervine Peppervine (Ampelopsis arborea) is a vine that produces dark berries late in the growing season. The vines prefer full sun to partial shade.

The sweet, flavorful berries are ripe when they turn black. They do contain some calcium oxalate which could give your throat a bit of a strange feeling. So eat slowly and see how it goes. Worst case scenerio is you have to eat them over a long period of time. However it is easy enough to squeeze the berries and collect the juice and discard the solids. Add a small amount of water (1 part water to 10 parts juice). Let the solution sit and settle and after about 10 hours you can siphon or pour off the top 90% and leave the calcium oxalate behind.

Anyone can now drink the juice or the juice can be made into jelly.


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