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Purple And Yellow Nutsedge Wild Edible Food

Purple and Yellow Nutsedge probably best known to you as a pesky weed that infest your flower garden. These plants make small nutlets underground. The nut is a tuberous root and with most tubar producing plants do best in a loose soil. Either sandy or lots of organic matter.

Nutsedge tubars can be eaten raw but it is probably better to process them and cook them. It just depends on your situation. Clean and then dry the nuts and then they can be boiled or roasted. They can be used in many recipes. They can be added to cookies or soups or any meal you wish to extend your food supply.

Nutsedge seed is also edible and was once cultivated for the seed. The seed can also be eaten raw or cooked.

Nutsedge is a perennial that can easily be recognized by their triangular stems and small tubers. If you pull the plant the tubars will be left behind so to get the tubars you must dig the plant a little to keep the tubars from simply breaking off in the soil.

Beware of toxic Verbane. The stem of edible nutsedges are triangular in shape while the toxic verbane has a round stem.

yellow nutsedge

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