Survival Manual

Mock Strawberry Wild Edible Food

mock strawberry Mock Strawberry Identification: also know as false or Indian strawberry unfortunately taste nothing like the strawberries you can buy at the grocery store. They do not taste bad they do not taste good and if it wasn't for the gooky mush texture when eating them you wouldn't know you were eating one as they have no taste at all.

They are easy to tell from real or wild strawberries but it isn't all that important. Both can be eaten without fear of being poisoned. If you like them, it's a wild strawberry, if you must force yourself to down them then they are mock strawberries.

No need to cook them just pop them in raw and swallow as quickly as possible. Maybe one mash of the teeth and then swallow it down.

Like I said they don't taste good but if you are in a survival situation it is a wild berry that you can't afford to just pass over.

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