Survival Manual

Swage Block Information

swage blockA Swage Block is a great blacksmithing tool used by blacksmiths, metal sculptors and armourers, basically it is useful for anyone that is working with shaping metal in some way. Swage blocks are generally thick square or rectangular blocks but they do not have to be made this way. Most are cast iron or steel. They come in all sizes but generally they are not made so large that are to heavy to flip around to expose the different sides. All sides need to be accessible because all sides have different shapes for different purposes. Think of a Swage Block as a Swiss Army Knife for blacksmiths.

Virtually all Swage Blocks have a variety of holes and indention's which are used for bending, forging heads and shaping heated metal.

General Shapes of Swage Blocks are almost always square, with a thickness that is 1/4 the width. This makes them lighter and more easily flipped and maneuvered. Keep in mind there are an endless assortment of Swage Blocks and unless produced on a commercial scale very rarely will they be identical to any other Swage Block.

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