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Warm Nights Sleep Survival Tip

Lots of survival manuals and shows teach you how to make a fire so you can stay warm. But what they don't often explain is how in cold weather the cold will cause you to wake up multiple times each night because you will have to tend to your shrinking fire.

Getting a good nights sleep is a huge advantage when in a survival situation. Sleep is essential for life and without good sleep you will be less capable during the day. Well guess what here is what they didn't know to tell you... apparently.

To greatly extend your sleep time at night you will of course want to get a good fire going. Now you will also need a good rock or two. The bigger the rock the longer it will provide heat. Multiple rocks can be used. Match and suit to your needs.

Whatever size you choose it ideally needs to fit within a sock or some other shaped cloth such as a pillow case. The sock, pillow case or other cloth will insulate the rock so that the heat last longer and protects you from burns and makes the rock more comfortable... to you!

Now that you have you rock place it about 6 inches (15 cm) or so from your fire. If the fire is really large (wasteful) place the rock further away. You want the rock close enough to absorb a lot of heat, but not so close that you can't easily control the rocks temperature. Water boils at 212 degrees F (100C). and you only want the rock to about 150F (65C). Get it to hot and it can explode, will be to hot to handle and will melt or scorch your cloth material that it touches.

You will need to turn your rock(s) every few minutes to allow for even heating and full heat absorption. Basically the rock is "ready" when it is too hot to leave your hand on it but not so hot that it burns you when you test its temperature by touching with you fingers.

Once the rock is heated to the proper temperature pull your sock over your hand like a puppet. Grab the rock with the sock hand and quickly with the other hand grab the top of the sock and pull it down to capture the rock in the sock. Let go of the rock!!! Twist the sock once or twice and pull the sock again over the rock to give it a double layer of insulation. Do this as many times as you can.

Now place the sock rock into your sleeping bag or bed and you are ready to get a good nights sleep!

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